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11/7/15: For Nama, Karma’s a generous bitch…

Refusing to go away... Nama story of Stg7 million 'set-aside' and Stg15 million fees demand off Pimco (notified by the fund to Nama and seemingly ignored by Nama, except to the point of not involving Pimco in subsequent sale) is now rolling into investigation stages in the UK and, potentially, the U.S.

Just because, as someone pointed out to me in poignant terms: Karma is a bitch... Well, it may be so, but so far, Nama is sitting pretty, with average salary for an employee in excess of EUR100,000 and golden handshakes for the departing employees averaging EUR34,000 and lavish pensions entitlements... Karma might be a bitch, but when it comes to Nama, it is a generous bitch at our expense...

You can follow back a list of my posts on Nama most recent controversies starting from here:

Update: FT covering the Nama story: Because Irish reputational capital yields have been too low of late...

6/7/15: More Nama and IBRC headlines

More interesting 'stuff' is seeping into the public domain from Nama and IBRC:

  1. Irish Times on PIMCO reporting to Nama an un-solicited approach " least one informal meeting took place at Stormont in late 2013 - thought to have involved Ian Coulter, Frank Cushnahan and a senior politician - with a view to Pimco acquiring Nama’s northern portfolio in its entirety". 
  2. A report in the Indo on John Flynn's letter concerning IBRC overcharging:

On the second story above, see the letter and the links posted here: and BankCheck report reprinted here: