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1/6/20: 3 months of COVID19 impact: BRIC Manufacturing PMIs

BRIC Manufacturing PMIs are out for May, showing some marginal improvements in the sector. However, of all four economies, China is the only one that is currently posting activity reading within the statistical range of zero--to-positive growth. Brazil, Russia and India remain deeply underwater.

Please note, these are quarterly PMIs, not monthly, based on GDP-weighted shares of manufacturing sectors and monthly PMI data points. 

3/5/19: Global and BRIC Manufacturing PMIs signal ongoing growth declines

The latest data, released this week by Markit under their PMI headings, shows that manufacturing sector global slowdown has entered into its 6th consecutive quarter in the first month of 2Q 2019. In line with this momentum, BRIC economies overall, with exception (for now) of Russia and China have also posted slower growth in April compared to 1Q 2019 average:

Russia posted slightly more upbeat growth in April at 51.8 compared to 1Q 2019 average growth of 51.3. China has barely bounced back into growth in April 2019 compared to 1Q 2019 reading of 49.7. Brazil slowdown was marked, with PMI for Manufacturing down from 53.0 in 1Q 2019 to 51.5 in April, while India suffered an even more significant fall-off in activity, with Manufacturing PMI falling from 1Q 2019 average of 53.6 to April reading of 51.8.

Global Manufacturing sector PMI averaged 50.7 in 1Q 2019, and in April it fell to 50.3, statistically implying zero growth in the sector. One has to go back to 3Q 2013 to see a reading at or below April 2019 levels. 

4/1/16: Global manufacturing weighted down by BRICs in December

According to Markit, “The global manufacturing sector ended 2015 on a disappointing note, with the rates of expansion in production and new orders both slowing in December. At 50.9, down from 51.2 in November, the J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI …fell to a three-month low. The average PMI reading over 2015 as a whole was below those registered in both of the prior two years.”

The new sub-sector data “covering consumer, intermediate and investment goods producers…signalled that the slowdown highlighted by the headline Global Manufacturing PMI during
December mainly reflected weaker expansion at investment goods producers and a further contraction in the intermediate goods sector. In contrast, growth accelerated slightly at consumer goods producers.”

Much of the deterioration is, apparently down to emerging markets weaknesses. “The end of 2015 saw the downturn in emerging market manufacturing continue, with PMI indices for China,
India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and Malaysia all in sub-50.0 contraction territory. Although the expansion in developed nations continued, growth slowed (on average) to an eight-month low.”

Note: I covered Manufacturing PMIs for BRIC economies in an earlier post here:

You can see the ‘weighting’ effect in the chart here based on quarterly data:

And a summary table for Global Manufacturing PMI from Markit here:

Per Markit:

  • Growth rates fell to a 38-month low in the US
  • Growth eased to three-month low in the UK, 
  • Growth held steady in Japan, and 
  • Growth “accelerated to a 20-month high in the euro area.” 

Net outrun: global manufacturing has ended 2015 an inch closer to zero growth / stagnation point and certainly nowhere near the levels of growth consistent with amplification in global economic growth rates forward.

4/8/15: Global Manufacturing PMI Signals Faltering Growth in July

Global Manufacturing PMI was unchanged in July compared to June at 51.0, signalling weak growth and stalled growth momentum. Overall, activity is now at "its joint-weakest reading during the past two years".

Per Markit: "Underpinning the increase in output was further growth in new order inflows. However, the pace of improvement in new business slowed as new export orders declined for the second time in the past three months. New export business decreased in China, Germany, France, the UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil, and was little-changed in the US and Malaysia."

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