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7 Ways Group – customer review

I cannot be called an experienced trader, but also the beginner stage I’ve been left behind. However, whenever I decide to cooperate with the broker had never been contacted, I feel a layman. I fear of cheating. And who never feared to lose their money? Perhaps the one who, above all, entirely trust your broker. Confidence in broker – whether it is the norm or is rather an exception – everyone responds to this question on the basis of personal experience. Maintain a long story about his sweet-bitter experience of trading, honestly, you do not want. Moreover, it is obvious that some brokerage firms pure scams, others – quite credible organization. Actually, I raised the subject of experience to tell what a pleasant discovery culminated in my wanderings from broker to broker.

About 7 Ways I have learned from other virtual trader, with hum has for several years been in touch to exchange useful information. His familiarity with 7 Ways Group began with a phone call – the company’s representative have contacted with my friend. Of course, the sweet voice of broker friend of mine first listened with half an ear, but then they cooperate as I understand, quite well, that is profitable. I became interested. I had no reason not to trust, though virtual, but still a friend, time-tested. Then I posted on the company е-mail 7 Ways a letter with a whole bunch of questions. My goal was to check the broker, which is why the questions were many and some of them were incriminating. Be dishonest broker, answering my questions, he would have confused and have betrayed himself with giblets. But with 7 Ways Group it is did not happen, so my next step was to open a demo account. I’ve long since learned that when in doubt in the company, which in the future are going to entrust their money, it is better to first use the demo account, even if you believe in their abilities and knowledge. When trading on a demo account, I continued to test the 7 Ways. Deliberately his plane for trader experience to representatives of 7 Ways I appeared silly. It was curious, what and how I would teach me, and whether at all. Why bother sense of who did not open a real account, that is not made of real money ?! A company representative with enthusiasm took up my training. And best of all – it does not one treats with me as a first-graders, even on the history of those, I was. Relationship on an equal, of course, the distinctive characteristic 7 Ways. Personally, I was terribly annoying when, due to your ignorance, you are trying to address, as a child. It is clear that for any brokerage firm, each of us – a potential customer, promising them a pretty penny. But we live in a time – a time of mutual consumption, and if so, the fair criterion for evaluating anything is the answer to the question “What will give me in return?”.

7 Ways Group company is ready to give more. Do not just promise, and in fact justify the advantages that 7 Ways, as well as any other broker, so proud, that almost does not boast. Having contacted 7 Ways, I was afraid to stay in fool. But my fears were not confirmed: after opening a real account, of course, I was able to make, and then – it is easy to deduce their fairly earned money. Cooperation was so smooth and transparent, that somehow cannot believe in it by myself. Not that I’m waiting for some kind of trick, but hoping for the best, I do not rule out the worst.

Everyone profit! And honest brokers!

Arseny Klimov, trader-Amateur

Конструктор лего – очень интересная игрушка, которая будет очень полезна вашим деткам, а также станет любимой!

Пластмассовый конструктор, который стал весьма популярен среди всех детей в последнее время. Это неспроста, ведь фирма лего старается делать детям не только красивые игрушки, но и такие игрушки, чтобы они извлекли какую-то пользу для себя. Желаете для своего малыша купить лего город? Заказывайте в Бебекидс!

Родители могут купить лего город для своего ребенка. Это прекрасная серия игрушек от всем известной фирмы лего, которая уже много лет радует детей своими игрушками. Предлагаем вам купить lego star wars по выгодной цене!

Купить лего город можно в любом нашем магазине. Эта игрушка поможет развиваться вашему ребенку, а также займет его свободное время очень надолго. Это не простая игрушка, ведь лего – это конструктор, который можно собирать, используя бесконечное множество вариаций. Именно это поможет развить у вашего ребенка фантазию и воображение, которое, безусловно, поможет ему стать творческим человеком в будущем.

Еще родители могут купить lego star wars для своего любимого ребенка. Ведь и оно принесет ему много пользы. Во-первых, играя в лего, ваше дитя прекрасно проводит свой досуг с друзьями. Во-вторых, это помогает развивать у ребенка фантазию, собирая и разбирая лего. Ну и в-третьих, оно учит ребенка усидчивости на долгое время, а также никогда не сдаваться и достигать своей цели, что немало важно.

Купить lego star wars вы можете на нашем сайте, а также в нашем магазине. Сделать это можно в любое удобное время. Именно такой конструктор будет полезен вашим деткам в качестве любимой игрушки.

Это наиболее подходящий вариант для мальчиков, но это не значит, что девочкам нельзя такое покупать. Зачастую они тоже играют в такие игрушки. Уникальность этого конструктора такова, что каждый может играть в него бесконечно много и с радостью и улыбкой на лице.

Мы хотим уверить родителей, что пластиковый конструктор лего будет самой подходящей и полезной игрушкой для ваших ребят и их друзей. Лего в последнее время представил множество серий конструкторов для детей, из которых многие стали очень популярны и любимы детками. Именно поэтому, мы вам советуем остановиться на этой фирме игрушек. Имея множество плюсов, лего не имеет минусов. К тому же оно подходит для всех детей. Кроме этого даже подростки заигрываются в него, видя у своих младших братьев или сестер такой конструктор.

Таким образом, мы хотим, чтобы детям доставались самые лучшие игрушки, которые не только займут вашего ребенка, но и помогут ему как-то развиваться и становится взрослыми развитыми людьми. Эти немаловажные факторы помогут раскрыть какой-либо талант у ваших детей и помочь им в будущем.

5 degrees tremor shakes the Chilean region of Coquimbo

Archivo / VANGUARDIA LIBERALAn earthquake of magnitude five on the Richter scale rocked the region of Coquimbo, in northern Chile, without causing casualties or visible damage, officials said.

The ground shake struck at 06.14 local time (09.14 GMT) on Tuesday and was centered at sea, 63 kilometers west of the town of Los Vilos and 380 northwest of Santiago, the National Seismological Centre University of Chile.

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The hypocenter was located at a depth of 39.1 kilometers, the agency said, while the United States Geological Survey (USGS) determined at 13 kilometers below the surface and calculated at 4.8 degrees Richter earthquake magnitude.

The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy said meanwhile that the earthquake did not meet the necessary conditions to generate a tsunami off the coast of Chile.

The quake a new replica of the more than 2,000 who have registered in the area after the earthquake of 8.4 degrees on September 16 last left 15 dead, nearly 7,000 victims and material damage was considered.

In the two hours following the earthquake today occurred in the area three earthquakes with magnitudes of 3.4, 3.2 and 3.3 magnitude, according to the University of Chile.

Microsoft, during the “cultural revolution”

Microsoft has launched a “cultural revolution” that promotes team collaboration instead of competition and seeking to rejuvenate and become a more agile company 40 years after its creation.

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The change-up, driven following the appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft in February last year, is omnipresent in the company headquarters in Redmond, outside Seattle on the west coast of the United States, where the company has more than 40,000 employees.

If prevailing culture of competitiveness between departments in the past, the fear of failure and resistance to sharing information, has now imposed the idea of “one Microsoft” (One Microsoft) in which people and departments are working together and where failure is an opportunity to learn.

One ‘person’

“Satya has managed to break the Taifa kingdoms level product,” said Alberto Esplugas EFE, a Spanish engineer working at Microsoft since 2003 and is part of the Group of Competition, which continues to develop products that rival firms as Apple, Amazon or Google.

Esplugas recalled that before the arrival of Nadella various divisions, such as Office or Windows, operated independently and had their own results, which favored the competition rather than collaboration.

Jesus Fernandez, a lawyer for Oviedo (Spain) who also works at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, said that “Satya realized the products could not continue in the future, selling their stuff Office and Windows, on the other side their own. “

“Now, Windows has already incorporated which are Office” Fernandez, who also emphasized the change in the way employees are evaluated he said.

Collaboration and not competition

Microsoft used to measure the performance of their workers by their peers.

Now, however, the criteria revolve around the ability of cooperation, steps to help others succeed and the impact of the work of each individual.

“In his book ‘Mindset’ (mentality), Professor of Stanford University (USA) Carol Dweck says he is delighted to have been immersed in this cultural change,” said Hogan, who encourages employees of Microsoft to work not only for their own success, but also to that of their peers.

Under this new strategy, the company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 has prompted internal culture of “hackathones” computer competitions in which you work as a team in the development of prototypes of products or services for a short and intense period, culminating with the presentation of prototypes and choosing winners.

Let’s do it

Among those values captain initiative is Ed Essey, a licensed engineer Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), directed “The Garage,” a program that seeks to instill in Microsoft agility, speed, spirit of cooperation and willingness to get “hands to work “, which characterizes Silicon Valley startups.

“We developed the antibodies needed to combat the deadlock,” he told Efe Essey.

Cable TV remains in crisis

Business series and movies over the Internet, such as Netflix, not only get more and more subscribers, but also more recognition to create their own series and movies with excellent quality. Cable companies, especially in the United States, have launched a counterattack, not always clean strategies.
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What is the secret of Netflix movies and series to produce super high quality? The company’s online TV and film repeats a formula that perhaps seems familiar: that of Google, analyzing billions of data, to know exactly what they want to see their subscribers.

After refusing for years to accept that the business model of internet TV had enormous potential, the cable TV companies have begun to react. In some cases, dirty strategies, such as charging their subscribers extra services such as Netflix or Hulu.

The business evolved along with the Internet and later added to its offer rent ‘online’, the right to view content directly on a computer, without having to receive a DVD by physical mail.

Years later, while Blockbuster closed his service points and was declared bankrupt, Netflix eliminated its offer physical DVD rental, to concentrate on the business of streaming online, increasingly profitable.

Since 2013, the company is dedicated not only to transmit content but also to produce it.

Netflix has produced comedies like Kimmy Unbreakable Schmidt, dramas like House of Cards and Narcos, and even films like Beasts of No Nation, all with excellent quality and reception by the public.

And while quality is due to its directors, writers and actors, reception by suscripotores Netflix is no coincidence; the company declares itself as a “machine data” that processes information about its subscribers what they see and what they like most, done just to create content for them.

Maybe that’s why the company does pilots for their series, but simply to be acclaimed releases. Although analysis firms like Morgan Stanley Wall Street believe that the chain depends on the fate as the others, and will like all successes and failures.

Competition finally reacted

For years, companies of TV streams wire had a reaction lifeless to services like Netflix and Hulu, although these offered their underwriters significant advantages: see whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, anywhere where there was Internet, without commercials .

Cable companies insisted that the delivery of content over the Internet was a fad, and viewers prefer the comfort of your living room, your TV and free to record a limited amount of content for later viewing.

When the TV with Netflix and Hulu apps brought to the room, they maintained their argument that was a temporary fad, and when the cable underwriters began to end their contracts, blamed on the economic crisis and said they would.

But subscribers not return and now ending 2015, cable companies have begun to show signs of concern and exchange.

Some, such as Time Warner, have begun to eliminate commercials up to 50% in primetime, to compete with the model ‘online’. The strategy implemented so far in the truTV channel could be extended to other, should operate.

Companies like Comcast have implemented strategies to criticism. A leaked memo this week by the journal The Verge confirms what many suspected: that the company imposed limits internet surfing to their subscribers, not to improve the quality of the connection of all, but to discourage the consumption of services streaming ‘like Netflix and Hulu.

It should be noted that Comcast is at the same time, a provider of internet and cable TV company.

Is Netflix really good producer?

Rob Toledo is not so convinced that the data is as useless as analysts say Wall Street.

The journalist published an analysis Exstreamist score obtained by Netflix series from 2013 to the time at the famous site Rotten Tomatoes. The chain best ‘ratings’ get for their new series is not Netflix, but HBO. But Netflix is second, beating ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

HBO itself is an interesting case study in the crisis of cable TV; the company initially insisted, along with others in the online subscription trends were temporary, but has since reviewed and changed its model, to make your own service ‘online streaming, called HBO Go, increasingly accessible to those who are not interested in paying for an expensive satellite TV subscription.

The value and usefulness of the information that can be obtained by services streaming may still be determined, but what is certain is that these companies have proven to be strong competitors to traditional cable companies.