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Indigo DMA review

Hello, my name is Dave Brown.

A lot of traders who worked with unfair dealing centers are constantly searching for a reliable broker with dma-access.

Today, I would like to tell you about my experience with broker IndigoDMA. Who knows, perhaps this information might be usefull for you.

For starters, I want to explain what advantages are there for those who trade with dma-broker. Let’s take IndigoDMA for example.

First of all, and I think it’s the most important one, that a dma-broker is always on a client’s side. Such like company would never interfere in client’s trading. Why? Because dma-broker earns along with a trader. Broker’s profit depends on commission from client’s trading, not loss of his deposit. I haven’t faced any difficulties with trading while working with IndigoDMA.

Secondly, order execution at dma-brokers is perfect. At IndigoDMA there are more than 10,000 trades per second.

Thirdly, IndigoDMA, like many other dma-brokers, aggregates liquidity from several liquidity providers into one bridge. This makes it possible to lower spreads and get best prices.

Let’s take technical side of IndigoDMA into consideration. They use widely spread MT4 trading platform. There are lots of instruments, even some exotic currency pairs. It pleases me that there are german, british and american CFD.

Some time ago I followed Russian stocks, but I gave it up. So, their absence at IndigoDMA doesn’t disappoint me. There are gold, silver, and oil as well.

From the very beginning commission scared me off. $15 pe 1.0 lot. That wasn’t good for my deposit at all. But when their investing platform was put to work, not only did I forget about commission but also was making more money.  How does that work? In your profile you need to make your trading account public (this way it goes to raiting of traders and his statement becomes public). My trading was rather good and and investors began to invest in me (this is called “copy trading system” – the best ivestment decision, I reckon). As a result, I got $5 for each 1.0 lot copied by investors.

Now several investors are connected to my trading account. Recompense both covers my commission and increases my profit.

Let’s take a look at website profile. Overall, website is user-friendly and you can do any operation intuitively. Although I had moments which I didn’t quite understand, but support team backed me up real quick. Good thing is that you can contact them via Skype.

Most important part: depositing and withdrawal. There are enough pyament systems. Depositing is almost instant. Withdrawal takes couple of days – I withdrawn my profit several times already. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10, fair enough. Also I talked to other traders and they told that there were couple of delays, but everything was fixed with the help of support team.

In the end I’d like to say that trading with IndigoDMA made a good impression on me. I recommend this company to all of you who is looking for comfortable trading.