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Request for help from a friend of our community

Dear friends,

I got this email from Kotaro Kazzura, the friend who does a lot of the English subtitled videos I post here:
Hi, I'd like to ask for your help, the thing is that there's such site as which is rather useful for delivering the truth for people, usually I post my translations there as well, but recently they downgraded my channel (so I can only upload videos there instead of embedding, and can upload only 3 a day, it's rather annoying to waste time uploading videos twice), then they downgraded 2 of my other channels there, but I'd like to have my vids embedded and posted there too, if it's possible, like you or maybe someone else has accounts there or can register there, could you please embed videos from my youtube channel there instead of me? If you register a new channel there, you've gotta upload about 16 videos (or just posts with text and photos) or something to be able to embed so it's rather annoying, but it works even if you just upload there old videos too to 'Ukraine' channel for example, or to other channels, but once you get about 25 points or something you'll be able to simply embed videos from youtube which is significantly faster.
Considering how much we all owe Kotaro for his absolutely amazing work, I think that we ought to help him (her?) in any way we can.  If you can help him, please email him directly at

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

Kazzura's YouTube channel is crucial for our struggle