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A few loose ends about Debaltsevo

"Dragon_First_1" has posted a detailed analysis of the forces which have actually succeeded in getting out of the Debaltsevo Cauldron.  The original Russian text is here:

The Google machine translation is here:

Novorussian sources estimate the number of killed junta forces at about 3'500.

As for Poroshenko, apparently "buoyed" by the recent "victory" of his forces, he is now asking for UN peacekeepers.  Peacekeepers serve two functions: the main one, to keep the peace, but also a 2nd much less advertised one: to keep a line of contact in place.  So translated from "diplomatise" into English, Poroshenko is now asking for UN help to keep the line of contact were it currently is.  To fully measure his distress and panic, consider that putting down a line of peacekeepers would also nullify (at least in theory) any possibility for the Kiev junta to attack Novorussia again.  So in essence, Poroshenko is now willing to give up Novorussia in exchange for a guarantee that the Novorussians will not push further.

This is all purely theoretical.  In reality, the AngloZionist and the Croats did attack the UN Protected Areas in Croatia and ethnically cleanse them from Serbs (the local UN battalion commanders got a direct order from the attacking forces to step aside and not move; they complied).

In an ominous sign for the junta, Russia has rejected the Ukrainian idea.

As for the junta, out of rage and spite, they have cut off energy supplies to Novorussia.  The Kremlin and Gazprom are now working on an emergency plan to provide Russian energy.

The Saker

Intermedia Ukraine mini-SITREP

So Kerry and Nuland are in Kiev, and tomorrow Merkel and Hollande will be in Moscow.  This is probably the strongest evidence that the Debaltsevo cauldron is closed and the surrounded junta forces desperate and defeated (one Russian military analyst stated in an interview that he believes that about half of all the truly combat capable junta forces are in the Debaltsevo cauldron - in other words, the junta army has been defeated again).  In other words, the AngloZionists are again intervening to save their sorry little Nazi buddies and their failed regime in Kiev.  How noble of them.

Did you know that Putin suffers from high level autism?  Yes, according to The Telegraph, this is what the US Pentagon thinks: Putin is an "Aspie".  First, there is nothing wrong with being an Aspie (I have several terrific Aspie friends - I really like Aspies, they make more sense to me then "normal" people) but second, it really makes me wonder what they are going to say next to try to vent their hatred of Putin.  Maybe that he is a deaf, dumb and blind baby eating pedophile with strong homoerotic and sadomasochistic traits?  Or that he is an extra-terrestrial preparing the invasion of earth for alien Orthodox monastics?  Or maybe just another "new Hitler"...

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