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13/11/20: The economy has two chronic illnesses (and neither are Covid)

My column for The Currency this week covers two key long-term themes in the global economy that pre-date the pandemic and will remain in place well into 2025: the twin secular stagnations hypotheses and the changing nature of the productivity. The link to the article is here;


19/5/20: Hydroxychloroquine of Political Risks

That scary chart...

One, is the President in the middle of a fragile, but long-yarned for recovery. Another is the President amidst a massive economic collapse, mis-managed public health crisis, presiding over a dysfunctional administration and full of outright nastiness to anyone he dislikes, including migrants, Democrats, professionals, media, non-supporters of his agenda, etc. And they are both within 3 percentage points of each other...

21/5/18: Risk experts take flight over Italy’s political risk

Euromoney and ECR are covering the story of Italian political risk, with my comments on the rise of populism in Italy and its effects on sovereign risk with respect to the Italian Government formation negotiations: