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25/8/20: Germany’s Economic Recovery: ifo Survey

ifo Institute's latest economic barometer for Germany is showing continued signs of recovery in the German economy, with remaining pressures in terms of current assessment of business conditions and more positive outlook forward (expectations):

Business expectations are now ahead of the same for December 2019 - February 2020 pre-pandemic period, which really says little about the levels of activity expected and more about the speed of adjustments to the expected activity. What matters more is the current climate perception. This is still some 11 points below the three months prior to the pandemic.

Given that German economy has largely moved past the stage of restricted activity, this is worrying, as it suggests the lack of domestic demand recovery in the medium term.

11/8/20: McKinsey on Changes in Economic Outlook


McKinsey have a neat summary of changes in economic outlook across major global regions:

A more granular perspective is from consensus forecasts, as summarized by the Focus Economics and by other sources:

The above are from my presentation deck from earlier today for a Dublin-based conference. 

The key to all of the above is that we are still in a very complex, highly uncertain forecasting environment, and behavioural differences between professional forecasters, economic analysts and business practitioners are vast, reflecting on overall forecasts and outlook sentiments reported. 

6/5/20: The Glut of Oil: Strategic Reserves

The Giant Glut of Oil continues (see my analysis of oil markets fundamentals here:

China strategic oil reserves have also surged. U.S. oil reserves are now nearing total capacity of 630 million barrels, and China's reserves are estimated to be about 90% of the total capacity of 550 million barrels. Japan's reserves similar (capacity of ca 500 million barrels). Australia is using leased U.S. strategic reserves capacity to pump its own stockpiles, with its domestic storage capacity already full. 

5/5/20: A V-Shaped Recovery? Ireland post-Covid

My article for The Currency on the post-Covid19 recovery and labour markets lessons from the pst recessions:

Key takeaways:
"Trends in employment recovery post-major recessions are worrying and point to long-term damage to the life-cycle income of those currently entering the workforce, those experiencing cyclical (as opposed to pandemic-related) unemployment risks, as well as those who are entering the peak of their earnings growth. This means a range of three generations of younger workers are being adversely and permanently impacted.

"All of the millennials, the older sub-cohorts of the GenZ, and the lower-to-middle classes of the GenX are all in trouble. Older millennials and the entire GenX are also likely to face permanently lower pensions savings, especially since both cohorts have now been hit with two systemic crises, the 2008-2014 Great Recession and the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

"These generations are the core of modern Ireland’s population pyramid, and their fates represent the likely direction of our society’s and economy’s evolution in decades to come."

23/4/20: What Oil Price Dynamics Signal About Future Growth

My column at The Currency this week covers the fundamentals of oil prices and what these tell us about the markets expectations for economic recovery:

Key takeaways:

  • "...current futures market pricing is suggesting that traders and investors expect much slower recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic than the V-shaped one forecast by the analysts’ consensus and the like of the IMF and the World Bank. 
  • "As a second order effect, oil markets appear to be pricing post-Covid-19 economic environment more in line with below historical trends global growth, similar to that evident in the economic slowdown of 2018-2019, rather than a substantial expansion on foot of the sharp Covid- shock."