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9/4/20: Updated: US vs EU28 Covid Cases and Deaths

US vs EU28 Covid cases and deaths update:

Note 1: adjusting for the onset of the Covid cases, US is lagging EU by 7 days. 
Note 2: Any comparatives between the U.S. and EU28 across the disease progression time line (with lags as noted in the Note 1 above) is hazardous, due to differences in methodologies of accounting for death rates earlier on in the pandemic as opposed to the current methodologies.

Currently, the U.S. is not on a trajectory/trend to catch up with the EU28 in terms of deaths within the next 10-12 days. Given the uncertainties in the rates of change in both new cases detection and death cases, there is no feasible accuracy in attempting to predict the rates of deaths convergence for the US at this point in time. That said, U.S. deaths have increased at an average rate of 16% daily in the last 5 days, while EU28 deaths increased at an average rate of 7% daily.