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20/6/20: Russia COVID19 Update: Too Early For Going Back To Normal

Russia is taking a page from the U.S. book on 'How Not to Do Pandemics' entering a major restrictions relaxation stage too early:

New cases numbers are running slightly (statistically not significantly) below the trend, but are still trending at an alarming rate (chart above). In the week through 20/06/2020, Russia averaged 8,234 new cases per day which is only slightly below 8,798 average for the week through 13/06/2020. 7 day average for deaths at 179.6 in the week through 20/06/2020 is above the same for the 7 days through 13/06/2020 that stands at 169.6.

Both, actual and adjusted death rates per official case are still moving up:

In simple terms, Russia is not ready to go to a more relaxed restrictions regime, yet.