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13/8/20: Federal Deficit Keeps Climbing in July


Federal fiscal position for July has been published ( and the numbers are interesting. Remember, this year, July was personal income tax filing month, as opposed to the usual April. So, over April and July 2020, total Federal receipts were at USD 805.350 billion, which is up on USD 786.893 billion in April and July 2019. Sounds good and it improved significantly monthly contribution to the annual deficit, with Federal deficit in July coming in at USD62.99 billion, or USD223.3 billion worse than April 2019 (which registered a surplus). 

So here is where we stand:

Average cumulative per-term Federal deficit for Obama Administration was USD 3.523 trillion. The same for President Trump's tenure to-date (not yet a full term) is USD 5.078 trillion. Of this, USD 1.889 trillion. Hence, ex-COVID, President Trump's first term deficit currently is running at USD 3.190 trillion. There are still 3 months of the Federal Fiscal Year running and 5 months of the calendar year left. If we are to assume that Federal deficits in August-December were to remain on the levels of 2019 (stripping out effects of COVID19 pandemic), President Trump will end his last year in office with a cumulated per-term deficit of around USD 3.664 trillion, which is - and remember, this is excluding COVID19 effects - a higher deficit than accumulated, on average, across two terms of the Obama Administration. 

Now, back to those charts above: COVID19 related increases in deficits have been staggering. So far, from April 1, through July, these amount to around USD1.89 trillion. Non-COVID deficits have been equally staggering. 

Here is an interesting thing: while public health took out USD624 billion in 2020 from January through July, Pentagon took USD608 billion. Who is handling the pandemic in the U.S. is quite not as clear as who is spending the money like the proverbial drunken sailors.

Another interesting thing: net interest payouts by the Federal Government. These are defined as "Net interest consists of interest paid on Treasury securities and other interest that the government pays (for example, interest paid on late refunds issued by the Internal Revenue Service) minus the interest that it collects from various sources..." ( Which means there are lags in Fed remitting interest payments, but much of that is already in the numbers. So far, the U.S. has managed to rake in USD 309 billion worth of net interest expenditures in the FY2020. 

29/07/20: Federal Deficit in COVID19 Era

Roger, we need a new scale for the chart.

Latest data for U.S. Federal deficit through June 2020 is shocking. Here is a visual:

June deficit was a whooping $864.07 billion, the largest on record. This bring Trump 1 term cumulative deficits to a staggering $5.105 trillion, far in excess to $3.52 trillion average Obama term deficit.

Some historical comparatives:

The sheer scale of fiscal spending is frightening! No question, this is an emergency situation, but do observe that since 1980 through today, the U.S. has seen not a single decade of balanced fiscal policies. And within the next two months, the U.S. Federal deficit for 2020 alone will be in excess of the combined deficits accumulated in two decades between 1980 and 1999.