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3/10/20: BRIC: Manufacturing PMIs Q3 2020


Based on July-September data, here are the main takeaways from the BRIC Manufacturing Sector PMIs for 3Q 2020:

  • Brazil Manufacturing PMIs gained serious speed in 3Q 2020 compared to 2Q 2020, rising from a recessionary reading of 42.0 in April-June to signal rapid recovery at 62.6 over the last three months through September. This marks the highest quarterly reading on record for the country Manufacturing sector. Dynamically, growth accelerated in every month since the start of the sector recovery in June 2020.
  • Russia Manufacturing PMI came in at a disappointing and contractionary 49.5 in 3Q 2020, marking the fifth consecutive quarter of sub-50 readings, although still an improvement on the pandemic period low of 39.0 set in 2Q 2020. Adding pressure to the already poor performance, monthly PMI reading slumped from a relatively weak recovery signalled by PMI at 51.1 in August to a recessionary reading of 48.9 in September. 
  • India Manufacturing PMI rose from 52.0 in August to 56.8 in September, with 3Q 2020 reading at 51.6 - a substantial but likely incomplete recovery on the pandemic low of 35.1 set in 2Q 2020.
  • China Manufacturing PMI rose from 2Q 2020 reading of 50.4 to 3Q 2020 reading of 53.0, implying almost a full recovery in the manufacturing sector on 1Q 2020 pandemic period trough of 47.2. September marked a fifth consecutive month of PMI readings above 50.0. 
Overall, BRIC weighted Manufacturing Activity Index (based on monthly PMIs) stood at 53.0 in 3Q 2020, up on 45.0 in 2Q 2020 and 49.1 in 1Q 2020. Current reading signals the fastest q/q growth in the sector since 1Q 2011. The ongoing recovery across the BRIC economies is faster than Global Manufacturing PMI recovery (at 51.6), albeit highly uneven and somewhat suspicious. The core driver for this growth is Brazil, where manufacturing data dynamics is completely out of touch with services data dynamics and looks extremely unreliable.