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22/4/21: Pew Research on Public Support for Economic Reforms in the US, UK, France and Germany


Here's an interesting insight from Pew Research surveys:

Set aside France results. Look at the U.S. and UK: 50-51 percent of the countries' population feel the existent economic system needs major changes or "complete" reform. 

While U.S. Right stands out as the least supportive of economic reforms across the Right spectrum voters in all four countries, U.S. Left shares the highest propensity for reforms with the French Left. This, of course, does not mean that what the U.S. Left sees as necessary reforms is aligned with what the French Left sees, but in terms of propensity to support reforms, the U.S. Left is closer to the more 'radical' French Left than to the more 'conservative' German Left.

There are other insights from the data accessible here: .