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28/1/18: Political Polarization: Evidence form the U.S. trends

What's 'normal'? Pew Research data on political polarization in the U.S. (full report here

A very dramatic drift toward the tails of the original distributions for both the Republicans and the Democrats, and, associated with this, an effective collapse in the numbers of the U.S. voters in the overlapping/shared position.

Removing the potential filter for political affiliation skewing the results:

Looking at pure preferences (excluding party identification), there has been a flattening (left-skewed) of public preferences spectrum. This also is consistent with growing polatization, but it is also consistent with increasing support by the voters for Extreme-Left and Left positions. The Center worldview has diminished substantially.

You can read my view on longer term trends and drivers for this dynamic here:

2/4/15: PewResearch: "The Future of World Religions 2010-2050" Project

Fascinating projections out to 2050 for religious composition of population produced by the Pew Research Center @pewresearch here:

"The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050"

Really very interesting and superbly presented with lots of interactive sources.

2/3/15: Religious Restrictions and Hostilities: Russia 2008-2013

A very interesting data set from the PewResearch mapping "Restrictions and Hostilities in the Most Populous Countries" by year: based on the report on Religious Restrictions and Hostilities, published last month:

Two charts showing relative evolution of restrictions and hostilities in Russia between 2008 and 2013: