The Ellacuria Initiative

In addition to teaching political science at The University of Scranton, I am also the coordinator of our Education for Justice office. In recognition of the heroic work of Fr. Ignacio Ellacuria and the Jesuit and lay staff of the UCA in El Salvador, we are in the process of renaming ourselves The Ellacuria Initiative

Ellacuria transformed the UCA into a model of Jesuit education praised throughout the world. He argued that the university’s purpose was “that of contributing to social change in the country. It does this in a university manner and with a Christian inspiration.”

In September, we hosted a lecture by Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Cristi International, entitled "Is Nonviolence Relevant in Times of Crisis?" Last night I facilitated a screening of Oklahoma Martyr, the story of Fr. Stanley Rother. Father Rother was murdered by a death squad in Guatemala in 1981. He was recognized as a martyr for the faith by the Catholic Church in 2016 and was recently beatified in Oklahoma City.

You can read more about the office and our recent programming in our fall newsletter.

Owing to my roles as coordinator and professor, I'll be traveling to Mexico City from Friday to Wednesday to participate in a meeting of the Jesuit Migration Network.