"Is a Harley really an all-American bike? Who even cares?"

My friend Christina Fattore published an op-ed on Why it doesn’t matter if a Harley is ‘made in America’ for The Conversation using some insights from a paper we wrote on the US-EU banana wars. Christina and I overlapped at Florida State University and she is now an associate professor of political science at West Virginia University.
As an international relations expert who focuses on trade disputes, Trump’s anger at Harley’s announcement is understandable. He wants to promote Harley-Davidson for his “America First” agenda. The goal of this approach is to protect and create American manufacturing jobs. With Harley taking the production of its EU-bound bikes abroad, this does not look like a success for Trump.
But this got me to thinking, in a world that depends on global supply chains, what makes a product truly “made in America”? Is a Harley really an all-American bike? Who even cares?
Read her answer here.