Midyear Snapshot For Future S&P 500 Quarterly Dividends

We can now peer into the middle of 2020, where the following chart reveals what we find for the S&P 500's quarterly dividends per share from this point of time before the end of 2019-Q2 until then....

Recorded and Projected Quarterly Dividends per Share for S&P 500, 2018-Q1 through 2020-Q2, Snapshot on 12 June 2019

Although the trend after 2019-Q2 is rising, there's quite a lot of deceleration taking place in what investors expect for future dividends. Particularly when you look at the projected year over year change from 2019-Q2 to 2020-Q2.

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We last took a snapshot of quarterly dividend futures for the S&P 500 back in early January 2019, when we could only see as far as 2019-Q4. If you click through, you'll find that the dividend payout currently expected for the current quarter of 2019-Q2 is quite different from what was forecast earlier this year!


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