Hooray! It’s Spring!

We made it through another winter that was surprisingly nasty for the folks out East.  It's also the birthday of J.S. Bach.

Time to get on with Easter.  But first a reminder of what our hearts are capable of.  This is Bach's lesson about the betrayal of Judas Iscariot from the St. Matthew Passion.  A song about a bleeding heart in his version becomes transcendentally beautiful.  The soprano is pretty damn beautiful too.

Blute nur, du liebes Herz!
Ach! Ein Kind, das du erzogen, 
Das an deiner Brust gesogen, 
Droht den Pfleger zu ermorder, 
Denn es ist zur Schlange worden.

Bleed on, dear heart. 
Ah, a child that thou raised, 
That sucked at thy breast, 
Threatens to murder its guardian, 
For it has become a serpent.