23/4/20: What Oil Price Dynamics Signal About Future Growth

My column at The Currency this week covers the fundamentals of oil prices and what these tell us about the markets expectations for economic recovery: https://www.thecurrency.news/articles/15674/supply-demand-and-the-dilemma-of-trade-what-the-collapse-in-oil-prices-tells-you-about-post-covid-10-economy.

Key takeaways:

  • "...current futures market pricing is suggesting that traders and investors expect much slower recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic than the V-shaped one forecast by the analysts’ consensus and the like of the IMF and the World Bank. 
  • "As a second order effect, oil markets appear to be pricing post-Covid-19 economic environment more in line with below historical trends global growth, similar to that evident in the economic slowdown of 2018-2019, rather than a substantial expansion on foot of the sharp Covid- shock."