16/10/20: COVID19 Update: Worldwide Cases and Deaths


Based on the ECDC data through October 16, 2020, here are the latest COVID19 pandemic numbers worldwide:


  • As of October 16, there were 38,941,034 cases identified world-wide. 
  • The rate of new cases arrivals 338,793 per day over the last 7 days, which is above the 30-days average of 311,074.
  • Since the start of October, there were 8 days with daily counts ranked within the top 10 highest in the entire history of the pandemic.
  • The rate of new cases arrivals rose to a massive 21.2 percent in October to-date, almost 50% higher than the average daily growth rate in September, almost 50 times the rate of new cases growth in August, and more than double the rate of growth in June-July.
  • All of the above clearly indicates that, globally, we are still in the acceleration phase of the first wave of COVID19 pandemic.

  • The slight reduction in daily counts we've seen between the first week of August and the end of September is now fully exhausted. 
  • Over the last 7 days, daily death counts averaged 5,135 worldwide, which is slightly below the 30-days average of 5,486,  but rising once again.
  • October (to-date) average daily growth rate in deaths is 17.62%, which is massive, compared to September's 9.99%, and to falling rate of -2.41% recorded in August. October rate is so far three times higher than June-July rate.
  • Note that October to-date rate of growth in new cases is pretty close to the rate of growth in new deaths. This is worrying, because it seems to contradict some claims made in the media about allegedly rapidly declining mortality of COVID19.
Net: rates of growth:
You can see the trends discussed above in the chart: from April through July, we witness sustained case of daily deaths growth rates running below the new cases growth rates. Starting with the fourth week of July, this relationship breaks down. 

The above fact suggests that it is too premature to claim that COVID19 pandemic is on track to containment: both cases and deaths numbers indicate that the global pandemic has returned to an accelerating phase of its dynamics,