“Biosecurity and cultural” concerns have stopped firefighters from using local freshwater to help stop the Fraser Island blaze as it heads towards Lake McKenzie.


What's that about cultural concerns?  Sounds like Aboriginal superstitions are being placated.  When that is harmless, who cares?  But if it interferes with firefighting it is obnoxious

A massive bushfire on Fraser Island is now tracking south-west, directly on course with another of the island’s iconic landmarks - Lake McKenzie.

Government fire mapping shows spot fires have been blown south of Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village - with one spot fire detected at 10.30pm last night.

A spot fire was detected in the vicinity of Lake McKenzie on Wednesday morning, but it remains several kilometres north-east of the landmark.

The blaze comes as the Department of Environment and Science said that firefighters are unable to use freshwater from landmarks like Lake McKenzie, due to “biosecurity and cultural” concerns.

Firefighters were this morning continuing to battle the fire near Boon Boon Creek, to the east of Kingfisher Bay.

More than 1 million litres of water and gel has been dropped on the island since the bushfire began in October.



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