2/1/21: Covid19 update: Europe


Introducing new analysis for Europe and EU27 across the main metrics of the pandemic (see data note and coverage of worldwide trends here: https://trueeconomics.blogspot.com/2021/01/2121-covid19-update-worldwide-numbers.html). All data through week 52 of 2020.

Europe is continuing to experience Wave 2 of the pandemic, while EU27 is on the abating part of the pandemic curve, albeit with some volatility to the upside, especially in weeks 49-51. The above data is yet to fully reflect the beginning of the new strand of the virus (commonly referenced to the UK as the country of origin, although this appears to be a questionable reference point).

In terms of deaths, peak of the Wave 2 of the pandemic can now be timed to week 48, although in the last two weeks of 2020 there is some evidence emerging of re-amplification to the pandemic in Europe. 

Mortality rates have moderated at the peak of the Wave 2, hitting a trough at 23 per 1,000 cases, and staying at 23-24 since week 45:
Meanwhile, death rates per capita rose in the last week of the year to 797.4 per 1 million of population in EU27, up from 592.3 a month ago, and 651.5 in the Europe, up from 482.8 a month ago.

And a summary table of comparatives:

Overall, we can now call the peak of the Wave 2 of this pandemic at weeks 45 (in terms of new cases) and week 48 (in terms of deaths). That said, we can expect re-acceleration of both trends in weeks ahead as a new contagion wave develops following the last two weeks of the 2020.