Why You Should Read Terrible Books

Alan Moore has written some highly influential works. Many of which have gone from the page to both the big and small screens, inspiring several generations of storytellers along the way.

He has some interesting advice for anyone seeing to become a good writer:

Alan Moore believes every aspiring writer should read terrible books. Watch and find out why this is an integral part of developing your own style as a writer.

Here's the less than one-and-a-half minute video, which is from Moore’s BBC Maestro storytelling course:

Now, if you're looking for inspiration for terrible books to read, we'll point you to a podcast we mentioned several weeks ago: 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back (Patreon for the freshest episodes, delayed episodes available wherever you get podcasts), which specializes in analyzing what makes the books they read bad while having a lot of fun doing it.

But if you want to read terrible books on your own and you're looking for a list of really badly written books to read, Wikipedia's "List of books considered the worst might serve up some inspiration for you.