Thanksgiving Is Painful

Like most holidays, the social dynamics of Thanksgiving can present challenges. Dealing with those challenges can be challenging. We challenge you to overcome the challenging challenges you face... by laughing at them.

We know you need something like this because you're reading this here, on Thanksgiving, rather than engaging with whoever you've gathered with for the holiday. It's okay. We understand. We got you!

Go ahead and take a moment at this critical juncture of your Thanksgiving holiday experience to enjoy the following 15 minute video featuring the somehow Thanksgiving-related stories shared by stand-up comedians Brad Upton, Will Marfori, Tommy Drake, Key Lewis, Tony Deyo, Dylan Mandlsohn, Michael Palascak, Maija Digiorgio, Lucas Bohn, Corey Rodrigues, and Kevin Jordan. Because it might make all the difference in how you experience whatever challenge you're having at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Now, if that 15 minutes didn't do the job, follow the links below for additional survival tips to make it through the day. And remember, once you have made it through the day, you'll have a full year to come up with better plan for how to deal with it than what you had this year!