Streaks in the S&P 500

Now that we've quantified all of the streaks of two-or-more consecutive days in which the S&P 500 was either up or down for every trading day since 3 January 1950, it's time to do something with the results of our deep data dive.

So we've taken the math we generated and built the following tool, in which you only need to enter the duration of a particular streak. We'll calculate the odds of a streak that long occurring, the odds of it being either a winning streak (multiple consecutive up days) or a losing streak (multiple consecutive down days), and also the odds of the streak lasting just one more day!

It all begins below. If you're accessing this tool on a site that republishes our RSS news feed, just click through to our site to access a working version....

S&P 500 Streak Duration
Input Data Values
Number of Consecutively Up or Down Days

Odds of Streak Occurring
Calculated Results Values
Odds of Streak [1 in ...]
Odds that it's a Winning Streak [1 in ...]
Odds that it's a Losing Streak [1 in ...]
Odds of Streak Lasting One More Day [1 in ...]

So, if a streak in the S&P 500 is underway and you're a speculator, the question is: do you feel lucky?

Well, do you?