Forging ahead

Spent some time with Tony over the weekend.  He's still fighting the good fight spreading Enlightenment virtue.  Best line from the weekend, "Before the Enlightenment, people mostly believed that if God had meant for folks to fly, He would have given them wings.  With the Enlightenment, the proper restatement of this sentiment was—if God had meant for folks to fly, he would have given them the ability to understand aerodynamics (the ability to extract aluminum from bauxite, the ability to design lightweight heat engines, etc.)

This might be the best unofficial mission statement of this blog.

We discussed a bunch of issues concerning the direction we should take with the accumulated knowledge we have gained through years of writing on topics like climate change and the economic understanding necessary to address such mega-problems.  Right now, my "what can we really do to make a difference on climate change?" videos are the subject of concentration.  The news is good.  The direction, tone, and format of these videos have been distilled into a working outline / script.  There is still a bunch of work to do but this is a major milestone.  Might have taken longer than planned but then, this is a big subject.

Of course, rare gatherings lead to some rare celebrations.  The plan last night was to invite some friends to watch The Big Lebowski and mix up some White Russians.  The problem is that I very rarely drink and Tony made them in water glasses.  And then we watched The Wolf of Wall Street instead.  Today, I feel a little like I have been run over by a truck.  But I will survive and I have some new energy to finish a big project.

Thanks for the visit Tony.