The Cisco Live! sets its sights on the digitization

The famous technology company Cisco celebrates its grand meeting to get to present their most important projects at the moment, among which are those related to digitization

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5,000 technology professionals discussed this week in Cancun (Mexico) the current state of the industry in a new version of Cisco Live !, the developer event and education most important American company this year emphasizes scanning.

The meeting, which was created over 15 years ago under the name “Networkers” and was originally intended for training, today offers up spaces for interaction, expert conferences and forums on advances in connectivity.

To catch

“This event is one of our strategies to help our customers to be updated on market trends, latest technology and trained to offer them an opportunity to interact and do business,” he told Efe Javier Camacho, director of marketing for Latin America the company.

According to Cisco, this edition will focus on digitization, a phenomenon that spans the world with increasing internet connections, the same company forecast to grow to 2019 in Central and Eastern Europe (10%), North America (7 , 6%), Middle East and Africa (5.6%) and Latin America (5.3%) East.

“More than 95% of countries, cities and businesses are experiencing a change and adopting models related to the Internet to connect all things, provide better services and to enable new sources of business information,” said Camacho.

Various solutions

The edition of this Cisco Live! also it includes the “World of Solutions”, a place where solutions offered by the company and which will support engineers and “partners” are displayed.

It will also activate “Theatre Solutions” in the Cisco Campus, offering live demonstrations of the company’s products, seen in a more strategic way “to do business”.

It will open forums on the Internet and all things, “hackathon” of developers and a session on IT Management, where so far there are more than 500 registered persons, according to estimates by the organization.

Futuristic effort

Among the more than 100 speakers from this edition include the Cisco CIO, Guillermo Diaz, who will speak about diversity and the future of the company by the vice president of services, Joseph M. Bradley, and the driver recognized and futuristic documentaries Jason Silva technology.

“We have general industry issues, where people can be updated, and very specialized topics where they can learn more about specific interests they have,” he added Camacho.

The Colombian executive also highlighted the performance of a forum for the promotion of women’s leadership in the technology industry that expects, as in the past three years in Mexico, the participation of a hundred employees of the sector and experts in the development of equity.

“There is a basic necessity in the world of technology, which is precisely to have more people ready, and one of the elements that will help is to have more women in the technology world,” said Camacho, for whom the meeting is a perfect place to promote a “diverse industry” space.

Other activities

Among other parallel activities at Cisco Live !, the leader in networking systems company develop a 5K (five kilometers) to raise awareness about climate change and the “responsibility of these companies” in the issues, concluded Camacho.

The technology event, which takes place at the Moon Palace hotel Mexican resort town, ends today with a musical performance by the band Café Tacuba.