Attorney asked to review new table appraisals of vehicles in Colombia

Archivo / VANGAURDIA LIBERAL.The Attorney General’s Office made a series of recommendations to the Minister of Transport, Natalia Abello Vives, due to the problems that caused the contract signed by the ministry of Transport and the company Datasoft Engineering Ltd. for $ 439 million for the calculation of the tax base for the payment of vehicle taxes.

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First, the Special Prosecutor for Preventive Surveillance Civil requested timely adjustments to the resolution 5358 of 2015 Mintransporte, in compliance with the laws for possible shortcomings identified in the resolution.

Such amonalías they would be presenting in the valuation of vehicles by 2016, where some automotive are not within the resolution and is also overestimated the value of some of them against the real commercial value.

“We have asked the operator to investigate disciplinary contract and method thereof and define whether it was made in due form. an accompaniment to the process of nullity Acuvp established and the provisional measures requested on the case will also be held, “said the prosecution.

Finally, the attorney said he is concerned that this new vehicle assessment actually affect tax payments, SOAT and guarantees, as well as the economy of all Colombians owners of vehicles.

Impact on Santander

By the excessive increase in the rate of vehicle tax, the Government had suspended the collection of category for the month of January in the department stopped receiving $ 11 billion.