Things That Last and Where to Buy Them

Have you ever bought something that you thought would last, then had to replace it far sooner than you believe you ever should have had to?

Sure, maybe you deliberately bought something that was cheap just because it was cheap, and because you figured you would replace it with a higher quality, more durable version once you became a grown up and could afford to pay more to get something better. But what if you had to deal with that better item falling apart or wearing out long before it ought to have?

Core77's Rain Noe vents his frustration before finding a solution:

I am so sick of the fact that we must constantly buy things, throw them out and buy new ones. I can't stand the appliance that breaks, the cheaply-made tool that fails, the object that's suddenly rendered entirely useless because one small plastic irreplaceable hinge has failed.

Tara Button is sick of it, too, and resolved to do something about it. Button ditched her career in advertising to start Buy Me Once, an online retailer that searches far and wide to find manufacturers who actually build things that were made to last.

In the following video, Button explains what the site is about:

We think it's a cool idea, and also long overdue. And we have to say that we didn't think that we would ever have seen socks with a lifetime guarantee!