The United States is not doing its job (in El Salvador)

From Hector Silva's interview with former DEA agent in El Salvador Danny Dalton.
"The corruption in these countries exists in part because the United States is not doing its job: The United States can bring charges against the drug traffickers or corrupt officials who are helping them bring drugs to (the United States) or launder the money they get from these operations," Dalton said. "Why aren't they doing it? I know who they are. You know who they are. They know who they are. But no one does anything."
Seems like there should be parts II and III of this interview. The agent was stationed in El Salvador during the first Bush administration and is now back in the country as part of the effort to get the Salvadoran government moving on the Gilberto Soto murder. The drug trafficking and corruption allegations in the article relate to the Flores and Saca administrations. I don't know how familiar Dalton is with the last decade of Salvadoran history since he left the country and then retired from the DEA. However, I'd still like to hear what he has to say.

There's got to be so much disappointment with the Funes administration. The US government and Salvadoran people put so much faith into the first FMLN government after twenty years of ARENA but very little was done to transform El Salvador when the country had a perfect opportunity to do so. The Obama administration was bending over backwards to work with the new FMLN government. Secretary of State Clinton attended the inauguration. President Obama made a state visit. The US has worked with El Salvador through the Partnership for Growth and then fought to get a second MCC through against strong opposition. Halfway through the Funes administration, however, everything with south.