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Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Demonstration

We bring you the following $25,362 video produced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on some of the things that can go very wrong should you not handle fireworks safely. While no people or animals were harmed during the making of the 2018 video, by our count, six mannequins and two watermelons didn't fare very well....

According to Pacific Specialty, eight people died as a result of fireworks-related incidents in 2017, while another 12,900 were insured, with about two-thirds occurring from mid-June through mid-July. On average, the CPSC has reported an average of seven fireworks-related deaths per year since 2002.

The modern alternative to fireworks is drones, where Travis Air Force Base featured a show with 500 of Intel's Shooting Star drone fleet:

Our prediction: fireworks will continue to be used to celebrate the Fourth of July, and drones will become part of the show.