Trump’s defective posture on immigration

After my trip to the border with the Kino Border Initiative, I submitted an op-ed to my local paper, The Scranton Times-Tribune, about President Donald Trump’s plan for a big beautiful wall along the US southern border with Mexico. It’s only been about ten days since I wrote and submitted the piece, but it feels like so long ago given everything else that has happened since. The post was written prior to the President’s attempted ban on refugees and immigrants and his phone call with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to give you some context.

As you know, I tend to support a US policy towards our hemispheric partners that favors democracy, human rights, free trade, and compassion and engagement rather than America-only and imposition. While we are only two weeks into the Trump administration, things aren’t looking good for my preferred approach to Mexico and Central and South America.

Obviously I don’t have much positive to say about Trump’s approach to immigration and the border wall in Trump’s defective posture on immigration.