Given credibility of Salvadoran TSE, the waiting is bearable

Salvadorans are still waiting on the results of this past Sunday’s elections. Apparently the new computer system that they adopted to tabulate individual votes from each of the country’s voting tables had failed. Some of it was foreseen beforehand but not to the extent of the problems that they actually witnessed. In some ways it does throw into doubt the effectiveness of El Salvador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal, but I, personally, wouldn’t go that far. The TSE has become one of the most respected institutions in the country since the end to the civil war and only emerged stronger from last year’s presidential election.

Tim has a nice round-up of what we know so far. We don’t know the certified vote tallies from the TSE but ARENA and the FMLN have been counting votes as well and begun to announce results from individual mayoral races. The FMLN captured San Salvador from ARENA and San Miguel from GANA.

ARENA captured sitting Vice President Oscar Ortiz’s Santa Tecla. That’s somewhat of a surprise given that the FMLN and Ortiz had controlled Santa Tecla for forever, but not so much since they lost the city during last year’s presidential election as well. They also lost it quit substantially in 2014 – 43,513 to 34,327. I wouldn’t read too much into the fact that Roberto D’Aubuisson, Jr. won the race, at least not that it connects to his dad. At least that’s my initial take.

Fortunately, no more elections until 2018.

And so we wait.