Postulator of Oscar Romero’s beatification cause under investigation for embezzlement

The postulator of Archbishop Oscar Romero’s beatification and canonization cause, Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, is now under investigation by Italian officials for embezzlement.

In 2011, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia reportedly bought a 14th century castle with the intention of reselling it for a profit, according to, which adds that diocesan funds may have been used.

Paglia, who heads the Pontifical Council for the Family, said in a statement he remains “at the disposition of the investigating authorities and I have full confidence in the justice system.”

Investigators are looking into the sale of the castle and allegations of possible conspiracy and fraud.

There doesn’t appear to be any impropriety connected with Romero’s cause but Salvadorans can’t catch a break. Fortunately (?), the news didn’t break prior to last weekend’s ceremony in San Salvador.

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