U.S. Can’t Solve Central America’s Problems With Money Alone

I have a new article with the World Politics Review entitled U.S. Can’t Solve Central America’s Problems With Money Alone.

On Jan. 29, in an op-ed for The New York Times, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden announced that the White House would request $1 billion from Congress in its 2016 budget to finance a range of development, security and good governance initiatives in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, often referred to as Central America’s Northern Triangle. The news is a welcome announcement for a region that is suffering from the effects of long-term poverty, inequality and insecurity. Despite the promise of U.S. aid, however, a great deal will have to fall into place for Washington’s new commitment to Central America to deliver much-needed results on the ground.

I’m skeptical that the president will get what he wants from Congress and that the US and its Northern Triangle partners have the ability to carry out meaningful reform in the short-term. However, even incremental improvements are worth the financial expenditures.

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