Top twenty most read posts of 2015 and a guest contributor finished first

For no other reason than it seems to be the thing to do, here are my top twenty most read posts of 2015.

  1. Outrage in Honduras
  2. Hey! Where did everybody go?
  3. Crisis upon crisis in El Salvador and Guatemala
  4. Today’s violence in El Salvador worse than the 1980s?
  5. The noose around Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina tightens
  6. Barriers to Maya Mobilization in Post-Conflict Guatemala
  7. Vice President resigns under dark clouds in Guatemala
  8. Guatemala’s newish, evangelical, nationalist, comedic, humble, entrepreneurial, military-sympathizing president
  9. Leaving the chaos behind
  10. You get a commission! You get a commission!
  11. Panama’s Martinelli flees to Italy?
  12. The progress that Guatemala so deserves
  13. Transnational support for the Salvadoran counterrevolution
  14. Guatemala Calling: Lynchings and the Politics of Inequality
  15. (Tie) Twentieth Century Peacemaker: Archbishop Oscar Romero; Where to be young is a crime; Murder in El Salvador: None of this happens in a vacuum
  16. Year end homicide statistics for Central America
  17. The US and the FMLN – a normal relationship
  18. Why is the US giving Central America any money at all?