28/2/16: Expresso on Paul Mason’s Latest Book

Portugal’s Expresso reviewing Paul Mason’s ( @paulmasonnews ) recent book “Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future” here: http://expresso.sapo.pt/economia/2016-02-28-Vem-ai-o-pos-capitalismo, including a comment of mine.

In English, my full view:

In his latest book, Paul Mason tackles some key themes of the global economic development in the new millennium : themes of debt overhangs, technological disruptions and the shifting of political, social and economic systems toward more data-intensive, more open and democratic platforms. Noting the links between the fragility of the global financial system (the financialisation hypothesis), persistent macroeconomic imbalances (global current account imbalances and savings-investment mismatch),  and the severe levels of private and public indebtedness, he draws two key conclusions that are required to describe the current state of the world economy: the link between the no-longer sustainable model of economic growth based on leveraging, and the need to break the status quo of indebtedness in the real economy. For those of us, who have, over the years, persistently called for these changes to be enabled by fiscal and monetary policies, Mason’s book is a welcome addition to the arsenal of intellectual arguments supporting real change in the ways we structure our macroeconomic policies. For those who, like majority of Europe’s political elites, have sleepwalked through the ongoing financial, fiscal, monetary and economic crises, it is a necessary wake up call.

I covered the above themes throughout the blog and across a range of articles in the past, most recent being this example: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.com/2016/02/17216-four-horsemen-of-economic.html.